Color Inspiration: Amethyst

In the recent issue of House Beautiful, I was re-introduced to the color amethyst. That's one of those colors I had long forgotten about. It's the crayon I would wear down to nothing when I was a little girl and because of that, I probably grew tired of the color. Plus, my husband is fairly open to most colors I choose, but this one would be harder to persuade him with. Until now. ;) I know it may sound silly, but after I picked up this issue, my wheels starting turning and that's when I knew I had painted the wrong color in our guest bathroom. Just like my ADD with DIY projects, I am easily bored with accessories. If I wanted to change colors in my guest bathroom, it would have been hard. The gray I chose had too much blue in it.

Not that I plan on overloading on accessories just because I want a change now and again (wouldn't that be nice??). But, this lovely towel is what got me re-thinking my paint choice. And I would take two of them

I hope there are fellow bloggers who have been where I am now (that is, painters remorse). My sweet friend Paula, from two ellie, has offered to help me find that perfect.neutral.gray.paint color. THANK GOODNESS!! It is definitely something I am thinking about a lot.

Other "amethyst" eye candy:

I will definitely be rocking some purple eye shadow this fall to compliment my green eyes.

Love this bowl.

And if I felt myself getting extra crazy over this color, I could just go ahead and paint the entire bathroom this color. Ok, not really.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Love this color! Reminds me of my grandma, she always decorates with this color, gorgeous!

  2. I love that color. When my parents bought a new house a while back, they had a designer come in and decorate everything for them. And now their bedroom walls are the prettiest shade of amethyst. It looks gorgeous.

    I hope you find that perfect shade of grey. Nothing's worse than painter's remorse.

  3. my first OWNED place i ever had (not all those rentals) I painted the bathroom a deep dark purple. I loved it but everyone thought I was nuts. (Even the realtor when I went to sell it.)

    But you had to see it before I painted. White with dark red "sponged" paint. It looked like some horrible crime scene!!!

    I love your choice here... grey with less blue and some nice accessories! Have fune! It's just paint!

  4. I like that color. Isn't it hard being married sometimes:) Compromising design to reflect a man living in the house is never fun

  5. oh yay im glad your liking this color right now since purple could be a wedding color.... i love it!!

  6. I have definitely had painters remorse, I repainted our dining room 3 times! Gray is so hard to do, let me know if you need suggestions!

  7. no shame in re-painting!

  8. the eye shadow is soooo pretty! i love purple eye shadow; it helps bring out my extremely dark brown eyes (which are pretty boring if you ask me).


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