and the journey begins...

After a few months of stalking, err perusing, the blog world, I decided to dive on in and start one of my own. I have found myself falling in love with other lovely ladies' thoughts, adventures, design inspirations, fashion choices and so on. How amazing that I can feel so close to these "strangers" thanks to them opening up their lives to ME? Well, I hope to do the same here. Who knows what will appear day to day, but it will mostly be what inspires me the most in my very own fashion or design choices. I love fashion, design and photography, none of which am I involved with professionally, but love just the same.
A little about me: I am married to a wonderful christian man who plays electric guitar for our church and an amazing christian artist, Daniel Bashta. He has such a heart for worship and helping to lead those to worship. I just adore him. In 28 days I will have my Social Work degree and will be going to grad school in January for my Masters in Clinical Social Work. We have a quirky kitty named Tigger, who likes to sleep in the sink or bathtub. Being that my husband is a musician and I won't be making the "big bucks" in the social work field, I love the challenge of finding things as beautiful as the overpriced clothes/furniture/accessories I easily fall in love with. Which is why I'm a dreamer by day and shopaholic by night. It takes me most of the day to find things I can afford! 
Also, we've been extremely blessed with incredible families and friends, whom I will talk about quite often I am sure!
DISCLAIMER: I took a web design class in college, but I'm a little rusty at this. So, the posts will be more in depth and inspiring, I promise.
Enough about me, I have dreams to dream!