all things bird cages

{Plumer Bird in Cage necklace by Moss Mills via CandyStore Collective first seen at contended me}

{via Maisy's Market}

Very interesting and lovely bird cage for a little girl's room
Nest Pretty Things}

{via we heart it}

We used one at our wedding to hold gift cards and such. Then we had white chocolate doves for our wedding favors. It was quite lovely. I'm wondering what to do with it now?? Any suggestions?


love at first sight.

These adorable gemstone rings from Lindley's Recessionista by Korcula line

New York City, where my lovely friend Laura is for the week. I love the hustle and bustle, having the starbucks barista ask me to order something again because he loves my southern accent, Broadway shows,huge billboards, and the many different cultures one comes in contact with in a single minute. I do hope to go back soon.

This fabulous necklace the lovely Laura purchased today at Tiffany's.

This classic swim suit from

Ocean blue vases from Tina Frey Designs, first seen at design public. I love all things blue right now, really.

And last, the bed frame I want is on sale at West Elm. I really need to see someone about my West Elm obsession.

"Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Room to Outfit

As previously posted, I am starting a new series called Room to Outfit. The lovely Paula at two ellie started the series Outfit to Room (which are all so wonderful), so I thought it would be fun to reverse that thought and start this new series Room to Outfit. Here is the room that I previously mentioned, and two outfit options. (sorry I didn't keep up with the designer of the room)

Outfit 1:

{via net-a-porter}


{via bakers shoes}

{via LuLu's}

{via Tom Design's etsy shop}

and if you want some green add this!
master gold craft's esty shop}

Outfit 2:

{via mod cloth}

{via J.Crew}

{via bakers shoes}

Keep the same jewelry and bag if you prefer.

Hope you enjoy ladies. This was fun and a challenge -when looking for specific pieces. I look forward to doing more, and getting more creative! If you have a room you'd like to see turned into an outfit, please email me at jrnraldridge@gmail.com!


opinions wanted...

Ok ladies, I need some opinions/help. I am loving the framed wallpaper/fabric look right now (and my husband also likes it- yay!) and need your expert opinions on which direction I should take.

Here is our bedspread:

{from West Elm}

Now, as far as the pattern goes, should I stick with something basic but classic like this (can be in any color, I can't get enough of yellow right now):

Or have a little fun and go with bold patterns/colors:

{via fabric.com}

This may too girly for my husband, but I love it:

{via designyourwall.com}

It will be a fairly large piece of fabric being framed as shown in the last picture of my previous post. Or, if you have come across wall paper/fabric you think I should take a look at, please link it to me! Any advice is welcome really.



the bold and the beautiful

I'm feeling bold and empowered today-mainly because I completed my final class last night and I have a sense of accomplishment and freedom! In honor of my mood, I wanted to post some pictures with beautiful, bold colors.

{via Livingetc first seen at sarah klassen}

{via trevor dixon}

{via kerri's kreations}


{both via Jessica Klewicki's photographyblog}

I'm completely in love with the framed wallpaper and am off in search for some to go in my bedroom behind our bed!

Happy Friday!


Red + Yellow

Last night I did a little spring cleaning. I'm a bit like Monica from Friends in that I am quite OCD about my home being clean and de-clutterd. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. I truly don't mind it being me. And yes, I love to sing while cleaning such as Cinderella.

However, I do not like feeling like this now. I'll be 27 next month, I shouldn't feel 77?!

After finally sitting down to relax, I started watching HGTV and one of the designers was using a red+yellow color scheme for a living room. I wasn't sure how I felt about these two colors together. So, this morning I started browsing magazines and came to the conclusion that I am not keen on the basic primary colors yellow and red being paired together, such as the designer was doing last night(they tend to look too Ronald McDonald), rather variations of the colors together. UNLESS, they are the accessories. Make sense??

Well, here are a few shots I do like:

{via apartment therapy}

{via Polly Wreford}

Using this color scheme, the yellow and red would make great accessories

{via LuvCharlie"}

I'm sure there are other fabulous red+yellow rooms out there, but I am short on time today. What is your take on this color scheme??


do you ever...

think you could be best friends with someone famous, with what little you know them? Well, I have a few people I adore, and think we could be the best of friends. One being Jennifer Garner. Through any interview I've watched or read, she was completely down to earth and HILARIOUS! She's a mommy first, and has seemed to find the right balance between her career and family. Which for any mommy, I can imagine it is a tough road. Now, throw in cameras following you everywhere you go... I just can't imagine. Anyway...
InStyle Magazine will be featuring her on their cover. The photos I saw online are breathtaking.

Stunning. Dramatic.

I love the jewel tones.

Just so gorgeous.

Ok, ok... I'm off my soap box. I am looking forward to the issue coming out!

And in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to share a green brand of make-up
Cargo with the mantra, "Red Lips. Green Conscience." Their new line is eco-friendly and "is truly beauty with a conscience. From natural and organic ingredients, to its environmentally award-winning compostable packaging, Cargo PlantLove™ lets us go green glamorously."

And isn't the packaging delightful??

Happy Earth Day!

all things lovely..

Only three more days until I am finished with school, super excited! Crazy week, so this post will just be a few random things that make me smile. And I really haven't been good about keeping up with where I first saw things, so I apologize for the lack of credit given...

Decoy Lab's hanging wall clock

Sam McAdam Photography love the wall color

My nephew, Landon turned 3 over the weekend. The boy loves to eat!

This will be my first Room to Outfit post. Really kicking myself I didn't remember where I first saw this, or who the photographer is. SORRY!

My hunky husband, and my cute dress I wore to a beach wedding this past weekend.

"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." Mother Teresa


trying to complete the bedroom..

I would love to have a headboard similar to this...in more of a brown/cream color scheme.

And ideas from you lovely design bloggers on how I could achieve this look? On a friendly budget!?

{photo via Livingetc.}




The beautiful and inspiring Kathleen over at
Grosgrain is hosting this fabulous giveaway. It seems all too perfect, since there is nothing I love more in the fashion world than anthropologie on a budget! I have been reading her blog for a few months now and she is always hosting wonderful giveaways. Like most of us, she lives on a budget and Anthropologie's prices are a bit steep. She turns thrift store finds into "anthropolification's" at an extremely low price. Her work and talent is truly amazing. Oh, and she also has giveaways from her featured sponsors. I wish I could win them all!

After reading about her
post on Tiffany from Muntedkowhai, I knew I NEEDED one of her amazing necklaces. I was going to post a picture of the one I bought, but it must be sold out. It's adorable though! I'm completely happy with my purchase and I received quite a few compliments when I wore it.

Pop on over to her blog, you will instantly fall in love as I did! And enter the contest for your chance to win!

SIDE NOTE: If you have the priveledge, such as I did last night, to go see Wicked... PLEASE do. I love musical theatre so so much. I used to be really invovled when I was in highschool but pursued other dreams in college. Last night sparked such a deep passion in me that had been buried for so long! I won't be quitting my day job or anything, but I do plan on going to as many shows as possible and may get involved with a local community production. My husband's first musical was last night, and he absolutely loved the experience. YAY for me.

Have a great weekend my lovely's! I'm off to the beach for another wedding!

all things ruffled

Do you ever find yourself standing in your closet just staring at your clothes? Wondering what to wear today? Wishing you HAD bought that cute little shirt to go with ________. Well, I did that this morning. And as I was picking through my clothes, I noticed I have a thing for ruffles right now. Interesting, but they are just so pretty!

The first being the J.Crew skirt I mentioned getting here(although I got it in the color shown below). I wore it with an orange tee and an adorable orange flowered necklace with bone colored pumps.

This adorable t-shirt, also from J.Crew

And finally, these strappy sandals from GAP

And I'm sure I won't stop with just these. I do adore all things ruffled.