keepin' busy

We had another shower this weekend that we helped to host. I am at the mercy of other people for their pictures, which is why I have yet to post the pictures from the gift card party we hosted last weekend. That's what I get for leaving my camera at home. Hopefully I will have some to post for the baby shower we hosted Saturday.

In the meantime, this hot man I call my husband has been keeping me busy as well.

He's been on the road a lot lately, as well as playing at our church every Sunday and two nights during the week. It's no wonder my projects don't get finished...

Crossing my fingers I have more pictures to post soon! Just wanted to update you all!


  1. what is your husband's band's name?! so fun! I think I know famous people because I used to be in a bible study with Dave Barnes:) My husband loves that I turn into a high schooler when telling people about that connection.


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