Wood Veneer

What are your thoughts about wood veneer? Have you ever used it?
I picked up the
do it YOURSELF (a Better Homes & Garden Specialty Publication) magazine last night and they had a pretty fabulous section devoted to wood veneer. Wood veneer first crept up in my mind when I was googling what I could do to my cabinets in the apartment. (We are still house hunting, but taking our precious time. In the meantime, I'm tired of looking at these awful cabinets)Which led me on a google hunt searching for cabinest that other people put veneer on. I have to admit, they didn't look all that bad!

Back to the magazine... they had some neat ideas on where to use it.

Such as here:

This grid wall really caught my eye:

(and if you couldn't guess, most of the accents in this room are via Anthropologie)

And this leaf motif would make for some great decorations:

I know Lowes has rolls of paper-backed veneer for easy installation.

What do you think?
I must say, I am more impressed than I thought I would be!


  1. I think it adds a touch of unique-ness to a room, I think if you do it wrong, it can look tacky, but all of the ways you've shown it used are very tasteful!

  2. I agree, Summer Wind - and love the first example most!

  3. I've never done anything with wood veneer, but now I'm inspired to... love that flower... and that wall. Wow.

  4. I rather like it, done right of course.

  5. those are so cool! I regretted not buying some laser-cut snowflake-shaped Christmas ornaments last year (sounds random, but they we so pretty!) and now I think I might attempt a copy (minus the laser-cutting).

  6. That wall is awesome!

  7. i think i like it better in small amounts (like the first photo or even the anthro flower) but i don't think i'd like it as a wall.

  8. I think it can be so pretty used in the right amounts/places!


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