...of a shopoholic. Now that my husband and I are a little relaxed about house hunting, we're not penny penching AS MUCH. We still are being very conscious about where those pennies are going. (paying off debt, what little we have, is the first place) But, we do like to reward ourselves every once in a while.

This time is was at
Urban Outfitters. We scored 2 album art frames for $10 a piece. (My husband is a huge Beatles fan, so we had the White Album and then a Radiohead album he received as a wedding gift framed)

Then, because he(my husband) loves me so much, he bought me this dress:

Which I wore with skinny jeans, gold sandals and a coral/gold necklace.

The rest of my shopping over the next few weeks will be for an engagement party, a couple's gift card party, and a baby shower. All of which I am helping to host. Phew!

Oh, and I really need a dress to wear to this engagement party. Semi-dressy. Anyone have ideas on where to look? Send links if you can!


  1. What a thoughtful husband! Great dress.

  2. The outfit you described sounds adorable - I love UO! You should try JcPenneys for a dress. Random, I know, but my sister and I just found these cute aquamarine semi-formal dresses there for $60, on sale for $30!

  3. What a sweet husband you have!! love those yellow stripes :)

  4. It's so fun when ya both get presents, isn't it! Very cute dress!

  5. Awww! You two are so cute. Love the striped dress.

  6. oooh, what a cuuuuute dress! i like the idea of wearing it over skinny jeans. sweet husband you have there!

  7. Sounds like a great trip to UO to me!


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