Photography Love

I came across photographer Ted Yarwood today while googling something, and I can't remember what. I'm glad that I did though, because I love his work. He "shoots residential and commercial interiors for editorial and advertising" clients, such as Metropolitan Home.

Here are a couple of my favorite:

You can see the rest of this gorgeous home here .

With all of this hot weather Alabama has been seeing, I wouldn't mind a chilly morning. And I could see myself here with a warm cup of coffee, a blanket and a good book.

Speaking of books, I need a good one to start reading. Any suggestions?


  1. I just finished The Help by Kathrynn Stockett. It was great. And I'm about to start Julie & Julia. Have heard is a great read.

    My sister is reading Bitter is the New Black and is loving it.

    Just a few ideas!

  2. such fabulous photos! thank you for sharing:)

    as for books...I'm obsessed with the entire Twilight series. I just finished reading Bel Canto and i"m in the middle of the last Harry Potter right now...after that I'm picking up Revolutionary Road. :)

  3. I love these photos. I found your blog through brunch at saks and am so glad i did!

  4. The Help is on my list too! Also doing some Southern Classics this summer. Love the outdoor picture.

    Your blog is great, too!

  5. Wow. That outdoor space is gorgeous! I wouldn't mind curling up with a latte there either!

  6. Beautiful! Wow - I'm so happy you found these :)

    Right now, I'm reading "What Would Audrey Do?"
    -- it's a fabulous read, and what I like about it, is there are several small sections, so if you take a break, you aren't lost. I highly recommend it~


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