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I'm very happy to report I DID get that piece of furniture I posted about on Friday! I forgot to snap a picture, though. I promise I will soon! It will take a couple of weeks before I can really get my hands on it to vamp it up. In the meantime, I've been making a few purchases for our apartment.
The first being this rug from
Urban Outfitters for our kitchen. I needed something this big to cover the ugly tile that is standard with most apartments, and it works well with our color scheme.

I also- finally- decided on the fabric I wanted to frame as mentioned in this previous post. It's from Amy Butler's Nigella collection: a great mixture of classic feminine with a modern design. I'm particularly excited about getting our bedroom together, as it is the only room in the apartment I'm being frilly with. And that's not because of my husband, but more because we both like very clean and frilly-less design. So, I'm branching out ladies!

And these pillows for our living room from Etsy shop Maries Cosey Cushions for whopping $20!

I've noticed I have a thing for grey and have somehow incorporated the color into almost every room in our apartment. I'm now on the hunt for grey curtains for our living room to match that grey in the pillows. Any suggestions (at a reasonable price of course) ??


  1. i have some gray and yellow curtains from uo that were affordable but they're really thin. love the pattern you chose.

  2. all the patterns are very impressive!! Good choice !

  3. I love your new lovelies! Great fabric choice too.

  4. I'm a huge fan of grey - it'll always be in style. Great choices!

  5. This has nothing to do with the post but I was looking at your wedding photos at the top of the page and just had to tell you how stunning they are! :)

  6. Wait, you are a grey person too? It is my favorite color. I am always on the lookout though for cheap curtains, haven't seen any lately but I will keep my eyes open!


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