the dresser

Ok, here are two pictures of the dresser (which was originally a china cabinet) we just bought. My husband put it in our bedroom last night, just to see how it looks, and we both are 100% satisfied with our purchase! Refer back to this post to see the dresser that is my inspiration, but not in our budget, if we want to finish the rest of our bedroom out.

I am quite smitten, and proud. Not too shabby, eh? The lines are exactly what I was looking for. It has a good 6 inches on the west elm dresser, but with the size of our bedroom, it is a much needed 6 inches. Our plan is to paint, or stain it a dark chocolate brown and get some fancy shmancy door knobs and pulls from anthropologie. We're going to take the dark brown curtains from our living room and put in the bedroom. We have a street light just outside both of our windows that lets a lot of light in, so light and airy is not the feel we are going for. As we finish the bedroom I will post pictures!

Have a lovely Tuesday! Tonight I will be shopping and packing for our trip to the beach. We leave Thursday morning, rain or shine!


  1. What an incredible find. I want it too:(

  2. Oh, your plans for it sounds perfect! Good work.

  3. what pretty lines that dresser has! and btw your wedding pictures are so beautiful.

    in response to your comment (and thank you for it, they brighten my day :))- i do my inspiration boards through photoshop. i am totally new to it, downloaded a trial version to feel it out. you can tell i am still a novice, but in the future i plan on investing in the program for good. for many reasons other than inspiration boards...namely photo editing.

    i would be interested to know what other people use to put together their boards.

    happy tuesday!

  4. sounds like you have a good plan for it with the anthro pulls (they'll certainly gussy it up). very nice lines on this piece.

  5. Very Very good buy! It will look great!

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