diy project found

Oh my gaaaa, I am excited. I have been scouring local flea markets, thrift stores and other (cheap) furniture stores over the past 3 months looking for the perfect dresser to go in our bedroom. I wanted it to be a DIY project because I love the challenge and so I could stretch our budget for other pieces. First let me show you the dresser that I had originally fell in love with.

{via West Elm for a whopping 800 buckaroos}

I do not have a picture of the piece I am *hopefully buying as soon as I get off of work, but I will snap one tonight. I found it at our local
Salvation Army Store. It's actually a china cabinet and hutch set for $200. We have no need for the hutch, so we will either talk down the price, or pay the $200 and donate the hutch right back to them. I am more than thrilled my friends. It is the same height and look as the dresser with a few changes here and there. I am wanting to paint it a grey/brown color and get some anthropologie knobs to gussy it up a bit. Just a couple of pictures for reference.

So, that is my project for the next few weekends. Any tips or tutorials that will help me is gladly appreciated.

*I say hopefully only because someone else may have their pretty little eyes on this piece as well. So, cross your fingers and send little thoughts and prayers my way in hopes that no one is =)


  1. good luck! do post pictures of the project, i would lovee to see the results! :)

  2. i hope you get it! have a great weekend.

  3. very good blog, congratulations

    regard from Reus Catalonia Spain
    thank you


  4. love that look. i would go with the last knobs. soo slic and chic.

    way to go!!! i need to do some furniture shopping. what are you doing next weekend?!

  5. Isn't that the best feeling? I hope you get it! Can't wait to see what it looks like!

  6. I hope your piece is still there when you go to get it- I cant wait to see pictures!

  7. this is a great idea. thanks for sharing & good luck!

  8. So did you get it? So curious!

  9. good luck, i hope it works out for you and i can't wait to see it.

  10. Can't wait to see it!


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