Red + Yellow

Last night I did a little spring cleaning. I'm a bit like Monica from Friends in that I am quite OCD about my home being clean and de-clutterd. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. I truly don't mind it being me. And yes, I love to sing while cleaning such as Cinderella.

However, I do not like feeling like this now. I'll be 27 next month, I shouldn't feel 77?!

After finally sitting down to relax, I started watching HGTV and one of the designers was using a red+yellow color scheme for a living room. I wasn't sure how I felt about these two colors together. So, this morning I started browsing magazines and came to the conclusion that I am not keen on the basic primary colors yellow and red being paired together, such as the designer was doing last night(they tend to look too Ronald McDonald), rather variations of the colors together. UNLESS, they are the accessories. Make sense??

Well, here are a few shots I do like:

{via apartment therapy}

{via Polly Wreford}

Using this color scheme, the yellow and red would make great accessories

{via LuvCharlie"}

I'm sure there are other fabulous red+yellow rooms out there, but I am short on time today. What is your take on this color scheme??


  1. Rachel ~~ thanks for visiting ~~ if you click on the images you were referring to, they are my watercolor paintings. However, I do have pendants made of any and all of them :)

  2. I was looking for your e-mail, but cannot find one... anyway, check out my Watercolors by Laura Trevey blog for more of my works, and you will receive a free print for being a follower! www.lauratrevey.blogspot.com

  3. sometimes i feel like i'm way older than i am, ugh. i love that second photo, but i have to say, when i see it, i don't thing red and yellow at all (i like where you're going with this though). i'll have to think more about this color combo.

  4. I love red and yellow. bold and happy together.

  5. I love the wallpaper. great color combo if done right.

  6. Yeah, you're right.. that second picture looked totally different on my home computer. Those colors are fabulous together though!

    After perusing more pictures today.. I decided I love more of a rasperry color mixed with yellow.

  7. Very happy indeed! It's not my most favorite combination, but I've seen it done once with a great deal of white and gray and thought it looked amazing! :) (similar to your last photo)

  8. This is such a cute update! I'm not a fan of red and yellow together either! It just reminds me of ketchup and mustard bottles at a cheap food place! Ick.

  9. This has been one of my recent favorite combos. It's so bright and cheerful.


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