love at first sight.

These adorable gemstone rings from Lindley's Recessionista by Korcula line

New York City, where my lovely friend Laura is for the week. I love the hustle and bustle, having the starbucks barista ask me to order something again because he loves my southern accent, Broadway shows,huge billboards, and the many different cultures one comes in contact with in a single minute. I do hope to go back soon.

This fabulous necklace the lovely Laura purchased today at Tiffany's.

This classic swim suit from

Ocean blue vases from Tina Frey Designs, first seen at design public. I love all things blue right now, really.

And last, the bed frame I want is on sale at West Elm. I really need to see someone about my West Elm obsession.

"Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. thanks for the shot out! those vases are beautiful and i love that quote. spot on. xo

  2. the organic feel of those rings is so nice.

  3. Korcula is amazing! =]

    La C.

  4. the rings are amazing!! love the little vases too :)


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