do you ever...

think you could be best friends with someone famous, with what little you know them? Well, I have a few people I adore, and think we could be the best of friends. One being Jennifer Garner. Through any interview I've watched or read, she was completely down to earth and HILARIOUS! She's a mommy first, and has seemed to find the right balance between her career and family. Which for any mommy, I can imagine it is a tough road. Now, throw in cameras following you everywhere you go... I just can't imagine. Anyway...
InStyle Magazine will be featuring her on their cover. The photos I saw online are breathtaking.

Stunning. Dramatic.

I love the jewel tones.

Just so gorgeous.

Ok, ok... I'm off my soap box. I am looking forward to the issue coming out!

And in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I wanted to share a green brand of make-up
Cargo with the mantra, "Red Lips. Green Conscience." Their new line is eco-friendly and "is truly beauty with a conscience. From natural and organic ingredients, to its environmentally award-winning compostable packaging, Cargo PlantLove™ lets us go green glamorously."

And isn't the packaging delightful??

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Yes.. I totally think I could be friends with Gwyneth and Jennifer Garner has always been one of my favs.. she seems so down to earth...what beautiful pics! Thanks for the nice comment on my site!
    xx Trina

  2. Girl, you KNOW who i would be friends with! I never knew you loved Jen that much! I could see you two being friends. You'd be so great with little Violet too! haha

    PS I used to LOVE cargo's bronzer in that tin case.

  3. I can't wait to get my issue now. I would love to get to know reese witherspoon personally.

  4. I love Jennifer, she is so down to earth!

  5. She is so pretty! what beautiful pictures! And I could totally be friends with Robert Pattinson from Twilight, I have a HUGE crush on him so maybe it would be more than a friend haha.

    Love the make-up too!

  6. these photos of jennifer garner are gorgeous (she does seem very down to earth and i definitely like her). and yes the packaging on the cargo makeup is very fun.

  7. I would love to be friends with Jake Gyllenhaal. And by friends, I don't mean friends. :)

  8. She is absolutely gorgeous =]

    La C.

  9. Just found your great blog :)
    I would love to have a conversation with Diane Keaton.... she is AMAZING...


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