A Z Gallerie gift card

I'm having a bit of a problem. A good problem, mind you, but a problem nonetheless.

We received a gift card from our dear friends John-Mark and
Ashley for our wedding, almost 8 months ago, to Z Gallerie in the amount of $75. Amazing gift, right??

Well, I have no idea what to use it on. But, it is burning a hole in my wallet! If any of you have suggestions on what I could spend this on, PLEASE feel free to comment. Our home is still pretty much a blank canvas, so don't worry too much about colors/themes.

Un-related to this topic, we had a wonderful weekend. Our dear friends Lori & Chad gave birth to their precious baby girl, Bevyn. We watched some Alabama Football and went on date night. We also started our small group: Mentoring Young Married Couples. We're pretty stoked about diving deeper into our marriage and learning from the incredible small group leaders and the other couples in the group.

Adorable nephews in their Alabama gear.

Ok bloggers, help me spend this money!


  1. Z Gallerie has some cool stuff. They usually have good accessories, tableware, lights, etc. I wish I had a gift card there!

  2. i'm not sure i've ever had a problem not being able to spend a gift certificate! hehe. is there an expiration date on it? if not, i'd wait until i found something i loved.

  3. that's tough! It's hard to decide if you should get something that will make you think of them {and keep long term} or a festive candle, etc. I think tableware is a good choice and they have some nice things.

  4. Great place to shop. Hmm, if I were you and had 75.00, I would go for the ART WORK! Even when your colors change you can always find a place for it & good art doesn't have to match the couch anyway. It will give you something to remember John & Ashley,and if you order online now I believe all or most artwork is 20% off!

  5. I'm not sure how I missed your fabulous photo of you & your hubs on your sidebar, but it's soo beautiful -- well, actually, you've got two, I see: your dress is gorgeous, and then the one where y'all are hugging is so precious!

    Okay, here's what I vote for Z Gallerie (thanks for letting me shop vicariously! -- hmm, and this might be best viewed on your page, since I'm hyperlinking all my suggestions :D):

    I totally vote a splurge on something ridiculous, because that's the best kind of gift right? To me, that reads a $50 bathroom set (!!), if mirrors are your style. Ooh, and 20% off, too! Shoot, that leaves quite a bit leftover, darn :D. Let's see... also possibilities: ooh, a Caroline Canister; Pagoda lantern; ooh -- a collection of vases! (because um when else would you spend $75 on vases?); ooh, I totally fell in love with their ruffle pillows when I went in the other month or so (ooh, peacock!); or any of their serveware... okay, last picks: this croc tray! exactly the right amt, I believe, or these 3 trays.

    A-hem, sorry to hijack your page with all my wants :D Good luck + have fun spending (since I picked *nothing* out for artwork -- there's too many to decide from :D I fell in love with the Barbie prints -- just the retro glam was incredible to me, but er, that's quite particular :D)!

  6. I wish I could help you out and give you a few ideas, but I'm stumped too! It looks like you had a great weekend!

  7. I love z gallery all of my kitchen plates, glasses and placemates came from there!!!

  8. hmm, im so bad with that kind of thing- I would end up spending three times that because I figured I already had the $75 so its like a coupon. Good luck with the shopping :)


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