I love Google. It really does make life easier at times. (it's the simple things, really)
Well, thanks to Google I ran across a fabulous website called The Fashionable Housewife. Ever heard of it? They dish out must have looks with pretty decent price tags. I also love online shopping, and I love even more when I find blogs that help me with that.
Thanks to a post written about make-up, it led me here, where I bought these items for a great price.

Mocha eye shadow. ($1)

I love a good smokey eye. This kit is the perfect beginning tool for me. ($5)

I love dark nail polish for Fall, and currently have plum on right now, but I also enjoy just a plain, nude color as well. ($1)

I will report back to y'all and let you know quality versus price.


  1. Oh, I heart google too! I have never heard of her site but definitley looks like I should check it out.

  2. what a $1. now that is amazing.

  3. I ever saw elf at target.. which is wear everyone says it's found

  4. definitely report back on the quality of that nail polish. i'd love to know!

  5. Hope the color is the most prettiest one.What's a miracle.It's cost is only $1.It's not believable.I want to order it now. discounted cosmetics


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