Local Artist

I wanted to share a local artist, meaning Birmingham, AL, and a friend to my blogger friends.

Her name is Katherine, and is a new friend of mine I met at our church. Her and her husband Jonathan are just the neatest people. They have two ADORABLE children, Eli and Lydia. If I've ever met a couple to be walking in their faith, it is these two. Katherine stays at home with her children, while Jonathan is finishing an internship program at our church. In an effort to bring in more money, she and her sister opened up an Etsy store called
bakd-handmade children's clothing and gifts. Right off the bat they were flooded with orders. She is remaining busy and has even asked for my help a couple of times. (No, I don't know anything about sewing, but I can cut patterns!)

Here are a few of my favorite pieces modeled by her extremely beautiful daughter, Lydia:

Look at those sweet cheeks!

You really should go and check out the rest of her items!


  1. So cute! Hopefully my etsy shop will do well!. Off to check her out now....

  2. OMG I saw these pictures on facebook and just thought these clothes were so adorable... of course I dont have any small children but I do have a dog!!! I think she will do a GREAT job with this... awesome stuff

  3. Can totally see why they are slammed with orders -- adorable! And it doesn't hurt that their model is cute as a button :)

  4. so adorable. if i had a little one, you better believe i'd be purchasing! that first dress is just precious!

  5. Oh, how incredibly adorable!

  6. That dress with the knitting needles is too sweet!


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