I am thankful

My recent IF post featured this lovely necklace from Etsy shop my lavaliere. Well, as it happens a friend of mine purchased that necklace! She received the necklace and then asked if Daniele wouldn't mind shortening the chain it originally came with. When she got her necklace back, she was surprised to see two necklaces in the package.

Here it is for reference:

So, what did sweet
Natalie do with the extra necklace??

She asked me if I would like it! (I really think I had shed a tear when she asked me) Of course, I couldn't turn that down! I was so excited. Not only to get that beautiful necklace, but because I felt like it was my first, if not only, gift from a blog reader, not just a friend. (silly I know)

Sometimes I finish a post and think how silly it is that anyone is actually reading this blog?! But, I love reading blogs and hope others love reading mine too. It's an outlet for me to discuss the things I love and have y'all agree, or give opinions, or maybe even inspire someone. (and this is where I think how much I really love comments and feedback!!)

Thank you again Natalie!! 

(right now my husband is cooking me dinner. I truly love that man!)


  1. How very sweet and what a pretty necklace!

    I often get the weird feeling about blogging too. It sneaks up every now and again.

  2. so sweet...people sure can be quite amazing, especially in this blogging world.

  3. it's such a pretty necklace. what a nice gift to receive!

  4. What a pretty necklace and what a sweet gesture! Blogging is great, isn't it?

  5. beautiful.
    p.s. im sending your package out today....
    just let me know if you want your snuggli in pink or blue.

  6. ha.
    just kidding;-)

  7. Ha!! I was definitely confused and was just about to email pink. Hey, I'm game for whatever =)

    Can't wait!

  8. very pretty necklace, what a sweet friend you have!


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