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I went to visit my dear friend Kimberly (who would be an amazing blogger given she is in school now for interior design and has the wittiest humor of anyone I've ever met) over the weekend, as she was very excited to show me some prints her and her husband bought while on their 4yr anniversary trip to Asheville, NC (which is definitely on our top list for the next vacation spot). The city is home to many cutting-edge artists and there is always some art festival, concert or happening event going on. side note: Kimberly said the city smells like hemp, interesting.
She was absolutely giddy about this new-to-her artist
Melissa Moss. And after reading her blog and checking her artwork out, I was hooked. She states that she left the "publishing world to study color psychology and during my course work discovered my true passion…painting. I use color as my primary artistic element. I’ve studied the meanings and associations of colors and their subtle shades and tones and use this knowledge to convey the mood of each painting." And, she is true to her word. If you get the chance today, go check out her gallery. How lovely to have a few of her prints/art mixed in on your gallery wall??

There is also a hint of humor in her paintings, which is probably what first drew Kimberly to her work. The print they bought was called "Lemony Goodness" and is quite lovely.

Enjoy ladies!

another side note: I am getting the boots mentioned yesterday! YAY!


  1. love the color. I just went to a wedding not to far from Asheville. I hope next trip I actually get to go all the way into town.

  2. Oooh, I love Asheville! My husband's parents own a glass arts gallery right in the heart of town. You must go, it is an incredible city, and when you are there check out The Chocolate Fetish--incredible truffles and candies--yummy! I love the yellow print as well.

  3. Kimberly is going to kill you! haha she wanted to show me the artist herself...she held out on telling me for a week! Uh-oh.

  4. i love these! fantastic!!!!

  5. that is a great piece of art! love it!

  6. yeah about the boots! That really is quite a fun painting.

  7. Love that art!!

    You have such an adorable blog! Thanks for visiting me so I could visit you!


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