phase one.

I have seen other bloggers posting photos of a room that best sums up their design style. Not that I've been tagged, but I wanted to see what I could come up with. Right now, my husband and I are living in what we call 'phase one' of our lives. Meaning, very modern (and cheap) furniture and design.. soon to be living in a loft downtown.. clean lines and no fuss. As much as I adore refurbished pieces and antique accessories, for now, they are not a part of our design style.

So last night as my husband was doing his usual rockstar thing- recording for a cd- I went and visited my mom. I picked up her Better Homes & Garden and came across architect Robert Swatt. His residential work is right up our alley and is simply stunning. I can envision us living happily ever after here. In his designs, he "always strives to dissolve boundaries between inside and out." Which is why I fell in love with this work in the first place (and why we'll be loft-living very soon).So, for our phase one living, I believe this picture sums up our design style.

I wish the picture was wider in order to see the rest of the dining room table. But here it is, our modern style.
Happy Friday!


  1. Hi, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Coincidentally, I started the whole one picture challenge so I'm so happy to see people are still playing along. This room is fab - I especially love the pops of red and green and that wood on the ceiling! Divine.

  2. What a fun room. I like that the second floor's floor is see through.

  3. That is so nice!! I want to live in a loft before I really settle into my life :)


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