orange with a side of blue

I was browsing apartment therapy today, and was thankful they had featured Interior Designer Palmer Weiss. I instantly fell in love with his color palette of burnt orange and sky blue (not to mention his overall style in general). I just knew I had seen these pictures somewhere before..then it hit me.. I had seen them here. I just love oranges and blues mixed together right now, and that is slightly hard for me to say because I do love me some Alabama Crimson Tide*.

After being inspired by these colors, I set off in search of an outfit with these colors-or variations of them- and came up with this for a casual date night with my husband...

Top by Wet Seal

Skirt by Anthropologie

Belt by Anthropologie

The shoes are up for debate, as I am not a good judge for the perfect shoe to complete an outfit. I would also add some oversized earrings and minimal make up.

*Being from Alabama, and growing up as the granddaughter of the owner of Bama Fever, college school rivalry's are a big thing down here, and a side is always choosed. Except for my husband, who could care less about sports.


  1. i adore these items!

    ps: thanks for your really sweet comment at my blog! i LOVE your wedding photo, you are so lovely!!


  2. I love it! I could so wear this to a game.

  3. cute skirt! Really like the color of it.

  4. Love that orange skirt - but I definitely can't pull it off - but I think it would look great on you!

  5. That skirt, that skirt, that skirt. :)


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