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If you have ever lived in an apartment, then you know with it comes endless lists of pros and cons. Here is a very short version of mine.

1.No out of pocket expenses for things breaking
2.They come with all of the appliances
3.Most come with a free gym and pool

1.White walls
2.Ugly cabinets
3.Same ole, same ole floor plans

Well, for my husband and I, the pros are outweighing the cons. He travels a good bit, which leaves me home alone. Personally, I do not care for all of that responsibility of home ownership right now. We are still saving and searching for one, but like I have mentioned in a previous post, we are content where we are (for now).

So, what's a girl who loves to decorate, paint and constantly find new ways to jazz up a boring apartment to do with the cons??

Well, I started with #2 on the list. Our cabinets are the first thing that had to go. I could NOT stand one more moment of their ugliness. (the bottom cabinets are still on until I can figure out what to do there) Since I love the open shelving look, it didn't take long to figure out what needed to be done, take off the cabinet doors! All it took was a little coercing my husband, a couple of trips to Home Goods, and poof... a look that has me smiling again.

If you are a renter, house or apartment, what are some other tricks you did to personalize your home??

Oh, one more thing I did. Because of our aparement's layout, we have no official "mudroom." So, I took a wall hook and added it where I always seem to be plopping my purse down. My instant "mudroom."

Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. I am always anxious to share my projects, so it really means a lot to me!


  1. Looks like you made it amazing! xoxo

  2. You did a great job customizing your home :) When my husband and I first married, we rented an apartment because he was away on business so much-- but after about a year, we bought a condo, and it's now ours to do what we like. I'd love to buy a real home soon! But it's difficult in New York without going out to the burbs :)

  3. I loved it! so organized.

  4. I should post my kitchen. It is so sad. We're too messy to take off our cabinet doors. AND we have no place to store them:)

  5. Wow, your cabinets look amazing! LOVE how you styled it! I don't know if this is an option in the US, but if you're DYING to redecorate in Norway, you can present your suggestions to the owner, and if he/she agrees to your changes, he'll (or she) pay for the materials, and you do the work. Win-win!

  6. Love it!!! Great job! Will you come decorate my home after we move?

  7. Brilliant idea to hang a hook! How functional and it looks nice too!

  8. Looks great. I love it! And I think that it is great that y'all are content where you are. Just enjoy it... and God will let you know when it's time to move onto something else!

  9. What a brilliant solution!!!!

  10. You can "wallpaper" a wall with fabric by hanging it with liquid starch. It comes off with just a pull when you are ready to take it down. Just wash the wall and go. You can also use liquid starch to hang ribbon to get a stripped effect. I did a post on this subject a couple weeks ago. I used this technique several times when I rented.

    BTW, the cabinet looks so good.

  11. i am a renter and i definitely empathize. open shelving is a must so good job on that. we painted our walls (it's a house so there wasn't much of an issue w/the landlord). we have lots of art in the space. fun fabrics and patterns help too. good luck and happy weekend to you.

  12. I really love what you have done with the cabinets. It's a brilliant idea with the added bonus that it encourages you to keep the insides very neat and tidy. I love it.

    I am a fellow apartment owner with dull walls and floor plan. We are saving for decorating, will be sure to post some ideas and finished effects.

  13. totally understand about being ready to move on. if we had stayed in our apt. for much longer I think my husband would have gone bananas. when the right opportunity comes along, you'll know it!

    (also, my husband is working out of town during week right now, and dealing with house issues alone is NO fun!)

    what about putting fabric over the cabinets on the bottom? the top looks great!

  14. Such a great idea to take off the cabinet doors! Love the open shelving look :)


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