Engagement Party

This weekend was quite a whirlwind. Friday my husband and I drove to Marietta, GA to meet up with some friends. We ate chicken salad sandwhiches, toured the Coca-Cola Factory, shopped at cute boutique stores, walked to Midtown, ate some more chicken salad sandwhiches, went for drinks at the Westin, and finished up the night laughing and talked while watching "So you think you can dance." The next morning we went to the Farmer's Market at Marietta Square and ate at a cute restaurant called Sugar Cakes.

We quickly headed back to Birmingham to get ready for the engagement party I was helping to host that night. I didn't take pictures, so I had to steal from the other ladies there.

The beautiful cake and the cake maker, Ashley. Fabulous job!

Guest book and our hostess gifts.

To save money, we made the food ourselves. Delicious!

Wine, and our incredibly cheap wine "glasses." It was a last minute addition.

Table decor. I wish there were more pictures of the tables. Each table had it's own centerpiece. (I will see if I can get other pictures to post)

The girls. We have been friends since highschool. Leah is the last of us to get married, so we wanted to make this extra special.

And the beautiful and wonderful couple of the night. Chad and Leah. I couldn't be more thrilled for my dear friends. They really deserve all the happiness this world can offer them. (and don't ya just love her dress??)

Sunday was spent celebrating my "baby" sister's 25th birthday. I can hardly believe she isn't still 3 years old and we're playing dress up with each other. Well, I suppose we still "play" that, because we do love to shop! Happy Birthday Erica!!


  1. Oh, that cake is beautiful! And love the centerpiece.

  2. Looks like a great time! All that food looked so yummy especially that cake!

  3. That cake is gorgeous! I am so excited about shooting their wedding.

  4. sounds like a great weekend (we were in marietta at the same time!!!)

  5. That cake is so pretty! Sounds like such a fun-filled weekend :) your good friends will never forget...

  6. Sounds like such a busy, but fun weekend! The cake is beautiful, and I do love Leah's dress!

  7. Love the dress, love the cake, love it all! What a wonderful party!


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