you could say...

I am a little behind, and a little obsessed right now. I've started the Twilight books series. I didn't have much interest in them prior to receiving the 4(!) novel series from my sister-in-law over the weekend, and now, I am hooked!

I become enthralled, entranced and in love with the characters I read about. Scary, I know. I can't seem to help it. (I also do this with movies, and therefore have a hard time watching them without consuming myself) *Let me stop right here and say...I do not become engrossed in them because my real life is 'blah,' because I really am in love with my own life...I just have a vivid imagination and it's nice to get lost in it sometimes!

I feel the need to dedicate a post to this for two reasons. One, to say how much I am enjoying these books. And two, this is where I have been lately. The posts have been light I realize, but my husband picked up The Count of Monte Cristo, and we find ourselves reading every chance we get. (Man, are we getting THAT old??)

And, I could very happily throw some comfy pillows on this daybed and read for hours:

{Twilight Sleep Sofa via DWR} (did ya catch the name of the daybed??)

Or this one:

{via Restoration Hardware}

We did pick up the supplies needed for the dresser make-over and are both ready to get our hands dirty and beautify it tonight.


  1. Welcome to the dark side...we'll see you in a few weeks once you finish all 4 books, because believe me you wont want to put them down :)

  2. You will only become more addicted as you read them more...I am on book 4 and it is getting even better every time I read!! =)
    Happy reading!

  3. I totally know what you mean. Love the books! And I absolutely have way too vivid an imagination and I stick myself in every book or movie I come across...but it is fun, isn't it???

  4. Oh they are the perfect thing to get lost in! Enjoy!


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