just breathe...

I heard a quote last week at church and it has yet to leave my mind, so I thought I would share:

"Hurry kills everything from compassion to creativity." (anyone from Church of the Highlands remember which pastor this was?)

Since my husband has been out of town, I've had a lot of down time. By choice. I took my own staycation for a couple of nights, and it has proven to be needed. Things have been happening so fast for us, with all of our changes going on (jobs, school, the HOUSE). Most of which I have left out of this little blog, so as not to bore y'all.

I hope you have found time to rest your pretty little heads some. It's worth it. It really helped me to re-think some decisions and I even came up with a design for our bedroom, which the husband loves. (I had been having a hard time putting together what I wanted)

So, off I went to explore "gray" paint colors over on
Benajamin Moore, and came across this room:

This room is gorgeous to me. And exactly how I want to model my living room after. The neatest part is they offer where you can look for the accessories and furniture, plus the colors of the wall. (they just made my life so easy... hey, don't judge!) And yes, that is a black wall. LOVE IT!

Tonight will be another 'restful' night of cleaning our apartment. Strange how I find cleaning relaxing, eh?


  1. love this image, it's gorgeous!

  2. I have loved that room for a long time, love it. Great quote, I hope you enjoyed your staycation!

  3. This is really good advice. I need to remind myself of it!

    BTW, I love the headers you've added to your blog. Are they your handwriting? It looks great.

  4. LOVE the pops of green!

  5. Aww... yeah, just like Mika said, relax, take it easy :) sometimes we do need to slow down to see more things in life, eh?

    and I love that black walls! That looks so cool! Haha

  6. Love the black wall and I also find myself calming myself by cleaning. I guess that's good, but I wish it be more like watching tv!

    Hope you have a great 4th!

  7. We used chalkboard black paint for my office wall and Metropolitan Gray by BM for our living room... just thought I'd weigh in in case you are as overwhelmed as I was when picking paint colors!


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