Shopping Hiatus

Since we are looking to purchase a home this year, I am officially starting our Shopping Hiatus. We were told to save our pennies now, since we have been loose about that before. So ladies, I'm officially on the bandwagon and let me be honest here... I'm nervous. I am the spender of the family and my husband is the saver. So, this will be a very hard concept for me. Like any other hiatus, we have our exclusions.

*New contacts for me
*Supplies to refinish the dresser (still shouldn't cost that much)
*Husband is recording 2 songs for a new band him and a friend started, and since he knows friends in the recording business they're giving him a break, but I believe it will end up costing $100
*One cute outfit for my sweet niece who will be here in October
*CHEAP birthday and wedding gifts for those events coming up

That's really about it. We are going to stop eating out, unless he's on a business lunch and I'm out for a girl's night (about 3 times a month). Other than the dresser, no other house projects will go on.

Also, a friend gave me this
website to help with coupons and deals for the day to get me started...after all, I am a newbie to all this. My time will now be spent clipping coupons. (how crazy that I'm excited about this??)

Lucky for me, I have a few gift cards left over from the wedding and birthday for when I am on the brink of pulling my hair out and my husband finds me rocking myself in a dark corner, ha. I am reminding myself of the bigger picture and know this will help me in so many ways.

Here's where the Shopping Hiatus began...


  1. oh, shopping hiatus time! wah! i should do that too. but getting a house will be an amazing feat, so it is worth it!

    of course i am a hedger. i shop a little, i save a little. but i know i would have a lot more saved if i just stopped shopping already. wah.

  2. You can do it. I have been on somewhat of a shopping hiatus lately- and it's not too bad. I just have to remind myself that I don't 'need' those things.

    BTW, I have a question for you... please email me at blueprintbliss@gmail.com so I can have your email address!


  3. it's hard but then you learn to be nifty and stay classy. sucks to grow up doesn't it?

  4. Good Luck! It gets easier, trust me!

  5. Way to go, deary! I'm so excited for you!

  6. Oh, good luck on the shopping hiatus! You have more will power than I can seem to muster! Thanks, too, for the link to that Web site!

  7. That's awesome guys! Good Luck!

    I was relieved to see our girls' nights weren't affected ; )

  8. good luck, i'll be cheering you on the whole way!!!

  9. I am sure you will do great! I just love couponing but am still pretty new at it so there are weeks I bomb.

  10. Good luck with it- I'm sure you can do it if you just keep picturing your own house one day. I cant wait to see said future house- be sure to document the searching process with pics!


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