manic monday...

Today feels scattered. Well, most of the past three weeks have been scattered. My thoughts haven't quite been on design as much as I like, and most of my house projects are on hold. So, I do apologize for no updates on those and a thank you for letting me use this blog as more of a personal diary at times!!

We had a great weekend with family, and more house hunting. I am also on the lookout for gray bridesmaid dresses for a friend... I really do love event planning!

{via J Crew}

I would love to see the bridesmaid wearing different dresses in the same shade (not all from David's Bridal either) as seen here:

{first seen at In Style}

Had I had bridesmaids at my wedding, I would have done something quirky like that. I really do need to do a post on our wedding. It was pretty non-traditional, and absolutely intimate. It was all I had wanted and more. Our wedding photographers did our wedding as a gift to us (we really were so blessed when it came to our wedding), and they recently had a baby, so we're still waiting on the edited pictures.

Ok, I'm off to go read your blogs to get my mind off of houses for now!


  1. Oh, I love those grey dresses. This may sound odd, but I was just looking at dresses on Target.com and they have some pretty cute ones. Hey if you get the dress at Target, it leaves you with alot more money for fun shoes and accessories :)

  2. love love love those!!!! also...check out my blog and see the BEAUTIFUL feather vintage feeel hair piece i won!!! this "feel" would look AMAZING with the gray!!!

  3. those dresses are lovely. I with you on not making it matchy, matchy. If I had to do it all over again that's the route I would take.

  4. There is a stunning grey bridemaids dress at bella couture! I love it and tried to steal it while i worked there (hehe) but it wasn't the right size. I will try to find a picture. It had a high collar with ruffles and pockets- so cute!

  5. I just bought a bmaid dress at Priscilla of Boston in a gray-blue and it's adorable. I'm loving the dress with pockets trend, perfect spot to carry my lip gloss around...

    Oh and hi! I just found your blog!

  6. I adore rustic colours like this. Beautiful. x

  7. I love the gray color and adore bridesmaids in similar but not matching dresses! I'd love to see a post on your wedding, it sounds romantic and unique!

  8. Those are lovely ! I have always loved the idea of bridesmaids in complimentary, not matching, dresses. My bridesmaids' dresses were a pewter color, and I still love that, ten years later.


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