a leap of faith

I think I'm officially in love with decorator, Jonathan Adler's interior design. I could post a hundred pictures to prove my point, but I will stick to the ones I saw in May's House Beautiful Mag. Adler designed most of these furnishings and accessories in fashion designer's Liz Lange's house in Westchester County, New York.

Holy kitchen, I am in love. The thing I love most about this are the bold patterns and colors he uses against an otherwise "stark" white kitchen.

And if money were no object, I'd like to buy
this please.

I've been absent this week for a few reasons, most I won't bore you with. But, I am excited to report that I will be going down to working only 4 days a week starting in July. As I mentioned in this
post, I have been wanting to pursue other dreams of mine, and after having a heart to heart with my boss, I've taken one small step toward making these happen. This one little day will free up so much time for me. I'm so giddy. And I wanted to thank you blogger friends for your kind words and encouragement. Y'all are extremely sweet and I truly appreciate the time you all spent by commenting!!

So, everyone raise your glasses and let's toast, to whatever you want, but I am toasting to taking a leap of faith...no matter where it may lead.



  1. Oh, I think I"m with you! That blue is so very perfect!

    Very exciting for you... Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh, good for you! That is exciting. I am currently working 4 1/2 days ( not by choice!) and even just the 1/2 day is so helpful to try and other things! By the way, I am obsesses with that entry hall!

  3. I am glad to hear you will have more time to pursue other things! I loved that spread, it makes me want to change everything in my home!

  4. i really want his recent book ...and cheers to you getting a day off a week. i hope this opens some door for you!

  5. I'll toast to that girl!

    I'm loving the white hardwoods in that house... so "clean" looking!

  6. A toast to you, congrats on taking that leap! 4 days of work sounds great, hopefully one day I can do the same thing.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. way to go! cant wait to hear more about it. I just love this home.

  8. The blue & yellow looks soooo sooo fab ! Love this!

  9. hiya! just came across you via 'two ellie'... i love these shots - that hallway is to die for!

  10. A toast to you! And that kitchen is amazing. I die!!

  11. This interior is to die for!


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