I'm going on a chair hunt..

THANK YOU, coco + kelley (don't ya just love her incredibly inspiring blog??) for your Style (E)scapes post today. First, it was definitely a glam garden, and second, it led me to this lovely website, Gardenhouse. Where I found this lovely chair (I promise, I'll be off my chair soap box soon).

I love this chair. It has the traditional lines and modern print. I will take two of these please for my living room. However, with the way too high price tag, I must move on. So, I'm on a hunt for the perfect chairs that I can give some love and new fabric to.

A few finds from Birmingham's Craigslist:

I like this chair, and it would be super easy to recover. But I'm looking for a little more comfort for when friends come over for "Game Night."

This is a neat chair, but the back sits pretty low.

This wingback chair has caught my eye, though.

A dark picture, but this is a retro chair. Great lines!

I have plenty of time to search, so I will start trekking around Birmingham, stalking all yard sales and flea markets for chairs that are calling my name. I know they're out there somewhere.

Birmingham ladies, if you happen to see some and don't need/want them for yourself.. please think of me =)


  1. I will keep my eye out! I am loving that pink chair though. If you dont want it, message it to me please:)

  2. that wing back chair is awesome! good luck with the hunt.

  3. That things I could do with that last chair!

  4. Ah what great canvases! I would love to play with those!

  5. Love that first chair, sigh. I do like wing backs too. I will keep my eyes open!

  6. That last retro chair is nice. I can totally see that in an off the wall modern print. Similar to the ones in your previous post.

  7. oh, I like the blue one- with a little fabric and some paint it would look so pretty!

    Good luck in your search


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