And the winner is...

ME!! Remember this give-away I entered last week?? Well, you guessed it, I WON!!! I am extremely excited and grateful to go shopping over at Lola B's Boutique with 100 bucks, especially during my own Shopping Hiatus. It seems this is just perfect for me, since we are also house-hunting.

I am truly thankful to Katie at
Sa Sea Boutique for my first win, and wow, what a way to start out, right?? Katie, you are such a lovely and talented blogger, and I congratulate you on your 100th post!

Speaking of house hunting, I have a few pictures to show you ladies later on today. My sweet husband and I took the day yesterday bouncing around neighborhoods, and I think we have found one we can't live without. EEE!!

Hope you ladies had a great weekend and Monday!


  1. hooray! Shop til you drop!

  2. Yea, how exciting!! Post pics of what you get please :)

  3. so fun. what a great thing to win.

    can't wait to see photos of the houses.

  4. SOOO EXCITING! I was excited when I counted thru all the posts and it landed on yours! I can't wait to see what you pick!!!! It is going to be a TOUCH choice!!!! xoxo

  5. what a fabulous giveaway to win!!! congrats and rub some of your luck off on me, ok?!

  6. Wow that is awesome! Congrats!

  7. Wow great win! So exciting. Can't wait to see what you get and would love to see some potential houses!

  8. congrats lady.
    email me when you are ready...


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