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Just some updates here and there for y'all (yeah, I'm from the south...) The original fabric I chose for my framed fabric idea, can be seen here, was not quite what I was wanting once I received it in the mail. The fabric is beautiful, but the color grey is much darker than I was expecting. So, I've decided to go with this very neutral pattern and color, and work other colors into the bedroom. I'm completely satisfied with the simplicity of it and look forward to getting it on the wall!

A few shots of us on our beach trip.

Who doesn't love having a pinata at their birthday party?? Oh, and we had cookies instead of cake, because Taylor and I do not like cake. Weird, I know.

You should be completely jealous of our airbrushed t-shirts. They are super sweet, and v-neck to boot!

The ladies of the trip. Jordan (who's getting married in October!!), me, Kimberly and Taylor.

And, last, just a little glimpse into our obsession with ice cream. (please excuse our hair. It was pouring on us the last day there)

I'm sorry my blog has been lacking in the eye candy department. There are so many home projects going on, that's really where my mind's attention has been. I'm looking forward to starting my dresser make-over this weekend. Have a great day ladies!!!


  1. Love that fabric! Did you try using the fabric you ordered on the reverse, sometimes the backside of a fabric has the same pattern and color just a little less bright.

    I'm jealous of your pinata, I love having them at parties, so much fun!!

  2. i love that fabric!!
    to die for.

  3. that last picture is cracking me up...if only ice cream cones could get that big!

  4. i love the last pic. : ) LOL

  5. Love your fabric pick! And can't wait to see and hear more about your dresser revamp!

  6. Oh, Nice pictures of you and your friends :) I like that big icecream : D

  7. that fabric is RAD!!! and you can do so many things with it! a perfect interesting neutral fabric that you can jazz up with a zillion things. love it!

    and i keep running in to people that don't like cake. sadly i like cake, cookies, candy, and all the stuff that i shouldn't. ;)

  8. These photos just make me smile with glee!

  9. Looks like fun! And that ice cream is HILARIOUS!


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