all things owls

I've been seeing owls all over the place. Earrings, purses, sculptures, and prints. What is it with these mysterious creatures that we think are adorable enough to decorate our homes and outfits with?? Who knows. I do know I think they are a fabulous addition to any ensemble or room.

{made by
Feisty Elle first seen at Modish blog}

{Vintage Owl via dear golden's Esty shop}

{Kenneth Jay Lane necklace via My Wardrobe}

{via LuLus}

{via Fruit Fly's Etsy shop}

This would look adorable in my green dining room, perched on a shelf!

I had the BEST weekend!! Quality time with my family and friends, became an official college graduate, and I slept until 11 am on Sunday! More pictures about my weekend soon!


  1. lovee that owl necklace.
    and congrats on becoming an official college graduate! that is so exciting! :]
    {in a week i'm going to be an official high school graduate, so i can sort of relate!}

  2. congrats on your graduation and i love all of these picks (owls are fantastic)

  3. I don't know what it is about owls but I do love them. Congrats on graduating!

  4. I'm in love with owls, too. I think I want an owl necklace or an owl ring. Hoot hoot!

  5. I have a odd thing for owls. My favorite necklace has a little owl on it:)

  6. love these owls!!! i don't like the real ones much in person. SCARY! but i really like them in jewelry form. :)

  7. My mother always had a thing for owls and I never got it but lately, I think I'm starting too. I love that vintage one.

  8. Congrats on the graduation!! That's a big deal! WAHOOOOO!! :)


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