Lauren & Wesley's Wedding

So, this past weekend my husband and I traveled to Rosemary Beach for our friends, Lauren and Wesley's wedding. There is nothing more beautiful than having the ocean as your backdrop. I have told my husband I want to renew our vows in 5 years, on the beach (he thinks I'm silly at times). It is simply beautiful. Their story is a beautiful one, and I have said before this couple has more love in their pinky's for each other than anyone I know. The photographer, Anne Wade Parrish did a fabulous job capturing their special day and moments. Interestingly enough, she attends the same church as my husband and I. Stop by her blog for the complete story of their wedding day and her wonderful pictures. Here are a few of mine.

The reception was held at The Preserver at Inlet Beach.

Her bouquet

My sweet husband played during the ceremony

I love his expression here
How adorable?

We have another beach wedding next weekend we will be attending. This one is at Gulfshores, AL. Very excited about Jared & Elisha's wedding, as well as more time at the beach!


  1. i really like the centerpieces on the tables. :]
    i have always wanted to go to a beach wedding. someday. :]

  2. thanks for the comment and stopping by!!

    i love beach weddings. they always seem more relaxed than other weddings. i wonder why?! love the blog!!!

  3. so pretty. I so want to go back to the beach:(

  4. This is gorgeous! And so sweet of your hubby to play for the ceremony.

  5. Yay! My wedding is on here- Great blog- I never thought I would follow them, but now I'm following several. Glad you were at the beach with us!


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