It's a beautiful day...

One dark and gloomy morning, my husband and I were driving along, when all of a sudden he says, "Today is a beautiful day!" Being the sarcastic man that I know him to be, I started to chuckle at this. He said, "no really, today is beautiful." Intrigued, I prompted him to explain. He then went on to tell me how he loved the shade of grey in the sky in contrast to the bright green of the trees. WOW! I thought, "today IS a beautiful day and he just helped me come up with a color scheme for our dining room!"

I thought about this most of the day and began browsing the internet for more inspiration. I started first with the lovely Paula's blog, two ellie where I found this cheerful home.

The dark putty wall color depicted in this picture is exactly what I had been looking for, with maybe a hint more of grey. And that green is just so fresh and adds just the right amount of pop that I love in a room. My dining room chairs are from
West Elm and are a bit darker than the lime green, but who says you can't layer colors in a room??

And just to add a little more color (and happiness) to the room, I'd put some of these beautiful flowers on our Parson's dining room table. I will post pictures of our dining room upon completion.

{photo via D Magazine}


  1. love it! so happy you joined the blogging world.

  2. love the pop of lime in that first room.


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