I'm sort of lost on inspiration today for my blog post. Not that I don't have a thousand ideas swimming around in my head, but I am so worn out from our wonderful beach weekend, that I can't seem to pull it all together. (ever have those days??) So, I'll just post a couple of pictures that made me smile and realize how quirky my taste can be. One dining room is very vintage and the other very modern. (I can be so extreme at times) I love them both, but seem to have a hard time marrying the two for my own home.



{photos via apartment therapy}

Oh, and I am thinking about purchasing this adorable and simple dress from Lulus.com!


  1. I am the same way. I love the mix of the two.

  2. two things- that first dining room is right up my alley (although i appreciate the modernism of the second) and you should definitely get that dress (it super cute and it looks comfy. sounds like perfection to me). thanks for dropping by my blog, i hope you'll come back. i will definitely be popping back in:)

  3. Oh I love that dress! Also, I have the same problem marrying my conflicting tastes all the time:) typically it is the battle of color vs. neutrals.

  4. I am loving your blog! Thanks for stopping by, I am glad I found your blog!

  5. they're look so comfy. and yes the dress is worth to buy, dear :D


  6. I know how that can feel when you know what you want to do but you just can't get your body to stay still long enough to do it lol. But I really like both dining sets, and the dress is great!!

  7. I'm having conflicting tastes right now too. Love that first dining room so much, but that second one is quite nice. I'm going through somewhat of a metamorphasis right now... Makes decorating decisions so tough!


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